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Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture in Teal by Joyce Fournier Toronto

A Wise Woman Once Said...


Introducing 'A Wise Woman Once Said...', an exquisite limited edition sculpture in bronze that portrays the essence of femininity. Exhibited in Rome as part of the WOMAN'S ESSENCE MUSA International Art Space exhibition in 2020, this sculpture reflects the wisdom and serenity of a wise woman. Its contemporary stippled teal patina with a hint of brown on the dress perfectly complements the overall design, making it a beautiful piece that invites touch. Standing tall and proud, this sculpture is perfect for any art lover who appreciates the beauty of the feminine spirit.

  • Product Info

    • 9.0"  x 9.50" x  6.0"
    • Bronze with Teal Patina
    • Edition # 2 of 10
    • FREE SHIPPING - Canada and the U.S.
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